Health Benefits Of Jackfruit And It’s Seeds

Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heteropjyllus) is an aromatic tree of South East Asian countries. Jackfruit can be found easily in the Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago and some other countries. It is supplied from these countries to all part of the world in brine and syrup form.  This 8-10 inches wide and 12-20 inches long thorny fruit belongs to the Moracease family.

Health benefits of Jackfruit and it’s seeds are numerous. It is a rich source of Vitamin B & C, Niacin, Potassium, Protein, Fat, Calories and Carbohydrates. Jackfruit is a very good looking, tasty and aromatic fruit. When it is in unripe condition, its color is green but when it grows in full form its color becomes bright yellow, you can eat it raw also. Its seeds are like Chestnuts and are consumed by people. You can roast them or boil them and can sprinkle some salt on them for taste.

People love to eat jackfruit due to its energy content. 98 % of jackfruit gives energy. Fat content in this fruit is only 3 %.  It is very useful for those who want to decrease their body weight. As it contains Vitamin B & C, Niacin, Potassium, Protein, Calories and Carbohydrates in good quantity, it can help you reduce your weight without any weakness.

Jackfruit is also skin friendly. Its consumption gives a natural shine on your face. Vitamin C present in this fruit is good for our body. If you are suffering from some skin disease, take a root jackfruit and rub it on the affected area for relief.   It is also used by cosmetic good manufacturers for making beauty products. As its intake decelerates damage to body cells, jackfruit helps in reducing wrinkles. By its regular intake, you can remain young for a long period.

Jackfruit is also used by herbalists to treat the patients of nervousness, hypertension and anxiety. It helps in controlling BP of the body due to its potassium content. Its protein, carbohydrates and vitamins give strength to mind. Jackfruit is also very good for students as it increases memory power. During study or exams days, to keep their body and mind active, children should consume jackfruit.

Isoflavones, anti-oxidant and phytonutrients of jackfruit are useful in treating cancer patients. According to recent studies, phytonutrients present in jackfruit help in slowing down degeneration of cells and prevent degenerative diseases. It is also used to treat ulcer-affected patients. Patients, who are suffering from constipation and poor digestion, must consume jackfruit.

Herbalists also use jackfruit in case of treatment of acute fever and diarrhea. Roots of Jackfruit are very effective and have medicinal value. You can eat jackfruit in good quantity as it is delicious, juicy and has good energy content.

Nutritional Benefits Of Tomatoes

Tomato is a healthy fruit cum vegetable, which has the power of treating some of the most awful ailments affecting human body. Tomatoes are fully loaded with every kind of health benefits necessary for a healthy way of life. This highly versatile fruit cum vegetable is an inseparable ingredient of Indian cooking. Its pleasant red color gives fresh look and delicious taste to food items.

Health and nutritional benefits of tomatoes is numerous. Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C. One average tomato contains about 23 mg of vitamin C. It also contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, B6, and B 12 in it. Vitamin C is good for skin, immune system, cardiovascular disease and eye diseases. Vitamin A is essential to give good eyesight for a long time. Vitamin A is also beneficial for healthy and strong bone structure. Vitamin B is necessary for strong nervous system, energy, hair growth and skin.

Tomato is a very attractive and delicious fruit. Tomatoes are available in dark red, orange and pink color. These colors give life to the dining table when tomatoes become a part of salad. You can decorate your salad plate by using tomatoes cut in different shapes. Tomatoes are used in cooking many vegetables. They give an attractive and lovely look to your cooking.

Tomato sauce is also loved by people, especially with snacks. Tomato sauce is easily available in market and you can also make it at home. For this, you need 1 kg tomatoes. First of all boil tomatoes in a very little amount of water. Then, grind boiled tomatoes in a grinder and cook this mixture for 40-45 minutes.

The lycopene content of tomato makes it beneficial in preventing cancer. Lycopene is an anti-oxidant that prevents cancerous cell formulation, which can lead to many other complications also. Its rich red color gives it tremendous anti-oxidant properties that are helpful in treating cancer. Actually, the compound lycopene give deep red color to tomato. According to a study, cooked tomatoes are more beneficial than raw ones.

Tomato juice and Tomato soup both are good for health. For making tomato juice, take 4-5 glass of water and boil 6-7 tomatoes in it. After that grind boiled tomatoes and mix their paste in boiled tomato water. Keep this mixture in an airtight container in the refrigerator for cooling. Serve this juice by adding some salt and lemon according to taste. Tomato juice is also good for the immune system.

Tomatoes are very useful in preventing heart diseases. They help in lessening high cholesterol level. It is suggested to eat 2-3 tomatoes a day to keep your heart in the right condition. Soup of tomato is best to drink if you have some heart problems. Tomato soup is very easy to prepare. Beat some tomatoes in a grinder, and boil them for 5-7 minutes. You can add some pepper, salt and breadcrumbs for taste.

Tomatoes are very good for your eyes also. By eating tomatoes regularly, you can gain good eyesight. It is earnestly advised to add tomatoes to the diet of your child for his good health and growth.