Effects Of Oleander Plant

Oleander, which is also known as Laurie rose, dogbane and rosebay, was used by herbalists of Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, Rome and by Babylonians centuries ago to treat hangover and even cancer. In ancient literature oleander is referred to as ‘The Desert Rose’. 8th century Arab physicians used oleander to treat the patients of cancer by giving them extract of this plant.

The extract of oleander is prepared from the toxic plant. So, it should be kept in mind that when you try to prepare this extract, it should be done under the guidance of an expert. This plant should not be eaten raw, as even a single leaf of oleander plant is sufficient to kill a human or animal. Many people have died after the intake of oleander tea or extract. So, it is advised that oleander should be used only under expert guidance.

Oleander is found in Western Himalayan region. Oleander is a thick green plant and it is very hard also. Beautiful pinkish white and red flowers grow on this hard plant in the rainy season. Herbalists use it to treat many health conditions. It is helpful in lessening symptoms of leukemia, it is also useful for treating muscular cramps and also prevents Asthma and paralysis. It is also helpful in treating diabetes.

Oleander is also helpful in treating the patients of HIV virus, the most deadly disease of modern times. In South Africa, many universities and research laboratories have started studies on the use of oleander extract in treating or preventing HIV.

As mentioned above, oleander is a highly poisonous plant. The question arises how can it be used for health benefits? The answer is that oleander can be used as a low-level toxicant, which boosts immune function. Oleander is helpful in slowing down angiogensis, NF-KB factor in cancer cells and natural death of body cells.

Oleander is also useful in healing skin diseases like eczema. It is also beneficial for healing wounds and cuts. Oleander is very useful in improving the immune system. It gives internal strength to body to fight with arthritis, psoriasis, hepatitis C and various heart-related problems.

It is also useful in supporting normal menstrual cycle. The best use of oleander is that it is helpful in treating various types of cancer. Appropriate intake of extract of oleander, as prescribed by doctors, can surely lessen the damage of cells due to cancer without any harm to body.