Effects Of Oleander Plant

Oleander, which is also known as Laurie rose, dogbane and rosebay, was used by herbalists of Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, Rome and by Babylonians centuries ago to treat hangover and even cancer. In ancient literature oleander is referred to as ‘The Desert Rose’. 8th century Arab physicians used oleander to treat the patients of cancer by giving them extract of this plant.

The extract of oleander is prepared from the toxic plant. So, it should be kept in mind that when you try to prepare this extract, it should be done under the guidance of an expert. This plant should not be eaten raw, as even a single leaf of oleander plant is sufficient to kill a human or animal. Many people have died after the intake of oleander tea or extract. So, it is advised that oleander should be used only under expert guidance.

Oleander is found in Western Himalayan region. Oleander is a thick green plant and it is very hard also. Beautiful pinkish white and red flowers grow on this hard plant in the rainy season. Herbalists use it to treat many health conditions. It is helpful in lessening symptoms of leukemia, it is also useful for treating muscular cramps and also prevents Asthma and paralysis. It is also helpful in treating diabetes.

Oleander is also helpful in treating the patients of HIV virus, the most deadly disease of modern times. In South Africa, many universities and research laboratories have started studies on the use of oleander extract in treating or preventing HIV.

As mentioned above, oleander is a highly poisonous plant. The question arises how can it be used for health benefits? The answer is that oleander can be used as a low-level toxicant, which boosts immune function. Oleander is helpful in slowing down angiogensis, NF-KB factor in cancer cells and natural death of body cells.

Oleander is also useful in healing skin diseases like eczema. It is also beneficial for healing wounds and cuts. Oleander is very useful in improving the immune system. It gives internal strength to body to fight with arthritis, psoriasis, hepatitis C and various heart-related problems.

It is also useful in supporting normal menstrual cycle. The best use of oleander is that it is helpful in treating various types of cancer. Appropriate intake of extract of oleander, as prescribed by doctors, can surely lessen the damage of cells due to cancer without any harm to body.

Health Benefits Of Myrrh

Myrrh (Guggulipid) is also known as guggul. It is obtained from Commiphora Mukul tree. This tree is an inhabitant of India, Africa and Arab countries. Myrrh has been in use since times immemorial. In ancient Rome, myrrh was used for preventing the smell of dead body during funerals. It is a belief that by burning myrrh you can prevent bad souls from entering your home. Herbalists use myrrh to treat the patients of measles, chicken pox, infectious wounds, cold and cough, mums, food poisoning, fever and poor digestion.

Myrrh due to its aromatic quality also acts as a stimulator. It encourages thoughts, blood circulation, nerves and secretions. Myrrh excites pumping action of heart and brain cells. By activating brain cells, it helps in improving brain system and enhances memory. You can check its purity by its darkness and clarity.

Companies dealing with cosmetics and medicines also use myrrh in their products. Myrrh is added by companies for aroma and health benefits in perfumes, tooth pastes, lotions, toiletries and medicine. The oil of myrrh is very useful for body massage. It gives strength and shine to body and skin. It is also very popular in cosmetic world as it is helpful in reducing age effects and wrinkles.

Due to its anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anti-depressant properties, myrrh is helpful in curing cuts and wounds. It is also useful in preventing viral infections and fevers. It also cures acidity problem. Anti-spasmodic content of myrrh is very useful for getting quick relief from cramps and aches. It is also useful in treating skin problems. Myrrh oil is useful in clearing dark spots and pimples.

Myrrh oil works like an astringent, which is why it is used in making skin lotions. It is significant in treating ringworm, eczema and itches. It is also helpful in dealing with the problem of hair fall. By massaging scalp with myrrh oil, you can cure all scalp related problems like dandruff, hair fall and lice. Myrrh has anti-fungal quality also and is useful in treating cuts, burns and wounds. You can apply myrrh directly on the wound or can consume myrrh also but it is suggested to avoid intake of myrrh in minor injuries. Instead, use its oil for relief.

Sometimes we eat those things that generate acid in the stomach and cause gastric problem. It creates much embarrassment when one disturbs the surroundings by passing gas. For this problem myrrh is a blessing. Myrrh improves digestion and is also helpful in healing stomachache, headache and chest pain because all the three are often the result of gastric problem.

Anti-microbial and anti-viral agents of myrrh prevent humans from infections, cold, cough and viral fever. One thing is very essential to mention here that myrrh has side effects too. Its excessive use can harm the health of your liver and digestive system. So, it is suggested to use myrrh or other such herbs only after consulting your qualified herbalist.

Health Benefits Of Horsetail Plant

Horsetail is a herb that is very common in those regions that have humid climate. It’s basically a herb of the plains. It contains various compounds like salicylic acid, potassium salts, malic acid and Vitamin C. These and various other active ingredients in this herb are very beneficial for the body in general, as they are instrumental in the proper functioning of various processes of the body.

The tea made from this herb is excellent for acidity and various other digestive problems. Moreover, even when recovering from ulcers in stomach, this herb can create miracles. Take 2-3 cups of horsetail tea and have a good digestive system and bladder. Just take care that while preparing tea or tincture from this herb, you should remove the roots completely.

In case you suffer from pneumonia, just take 3-4 spoons of this herb (in a powder form) for some days and you will definitely improve in a very natural way, without the damaging side effects of antibiotics. If you don’t like the taste of this powder, just add some honey to it for taste and health.

People who suffer from the problem of sweaty feet find this herb extremely beneficial. Just massage your feet with the tincture of this herb 3-4 times a day. Side by side, you should consume about 100 gm of this herb (in a powder form) in the morning before eating anything. While pursuing this treatment you should also take juices like green barley juice on a daily basis for 1-2 months. Rest assured, this would not cause any kind of side effect. The main reason being that the active agents that are present in such treatments are not present in concentrated quantities as is the case with allopathic medicines.

This herb is also very good for bleeding gums and other types of mouth inflammations. Just gargle with a solution made from this herb and have a healthy mouth naturally. Similarly, if you suffer from dandruff, you should wash your hair with horsetail infusion and apply quality natural oil afterwards.

In today’s hectic world, stress, headaches and general weakness are very common problems. These problems don’t tend to lessen whatever conventional treatment you may undergo. You only get temporary relief. At such a juncture, daily use of herbs like horsetail only can provide you the desired benefits.

Malign tumors also tend to heel on their own with the prolonged use of this herb. The reason being that various active agents present in this herb like beta-sitosterol, palustridine, palustrine etc. have a benign effect on many diseases related to stomach and renal colic.

This herb boasts of antiseptic, ant microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and is good for eyes and proper blood flow in the body. Pericardium is an organ of the body whose malfunction leads to various disorders. This herb helps retain water in the pericardium and thus various diseases involving the passage of water from the body get automatically rectified.

Benefits Of Witch Hazel Plant

Which hazel is a plant with multiple benefits. It can be used in different forms in order to cure a number of disorders and problems. The extracts of this plant is of deep red color.

The multiple benefits of which hazel include the following :

  • Which hazel has a beneficial effect on the blood and blood circulation system of the body. It has a special good effect on the veins. Through good blood circulation, all the organs get a regular supply of oxygen rich blood and remain in good functioning order. Also, this helps prevent complications like heart attack and stroke.
  • Witch Hazel is helpful in treating injuries when applied locally. This plant is very effective in curing burnt areas, painful and accidental injuries.
  • Another good use to which witch hazel can be put to is in the shape of poultices. These work well on external injuries like burns, damaged skin or many other skin conditions.
  • Which hazel is used to improve blood circulation. One should boil the leaves along with roots and stem of the witch hazel. In case all this is not possible, which hazel in powdered form, which is available in the market should be boiled. This boiled paste should be tied in a white cloth. It is very important to keep the cloth wet. When tied this will help improve blood circulation.
  • Effective on bad oral conditions. Extracts of which hazel work well and help cure scurvy and bleeding gums. You may apply the extracts of which hazel on the affected area with a cotton bud.

Witch hazel has multiple benefits for the spinal nerves. This plant acts differently on six body centers as follows:

1. Healing effect on our Venous system. It helps reduce swelling and heals up varicosis and hemorrhage from the veins.

2. Female genitals – Helps remove ovarian obstruction and also cures a number of  diseases of ovaries.

3. Male genitals – Helps reduce swelling of the penis.

4. Alimentary canal- The plant helps remove internal bleeding from the digestive organs like stomach and bowels.

5. Cure the tumors of the lungs effectively.

6. Rheumatism- This plant has multiple medicinal benefits. It helps heal the joints and also helps relieve pain from various joints. The extracts of Witch Hazel have to be applied locally in order to cure Rheumatism.

One cannot stress enough on the benefits one can derive from the correct use of Witch Hazel.  One can consume the extracts of the plant or apply the same locally in order to cure a number of diseases and disorders.

Aloe Vera: Best For Digestive System Health

Aloe vera is an almost magical plant with great cosmetic and medicinal benefits. It originated in the Arabic region, but is now well known all over the world. This plant is now grown in tropical regions or even in a large number of households as a house plant.

There are about 200 varieties of Aloe Vera known to the mankind. Each of these variety is very beneficial and has healing benefits. One of the most important use of Aloe Vera derivatives is that it keeps intestine in good working order and cures many diseases and abnormal conditions of the intestines.

One disease of intestine which can easily be cured by Aloe Vera is the IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable Bowel Syndrome causes unbalanced, often altering bowel habit. Due to this, IBS leads to a stressful life. IBS also gives way to a number of serious ailments and diseases of the intestines.

Here Aloe vera comes into play to cure whole digestive system. It can be used in gel, juice, drink or any form you like. One can opt for cure by medicines, or another option is cure by use of Aloe socotrina. The plant extracts is very helpful in cleaning the entire digestive system including the stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder and especially bowels. It has great beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal mechanism of the body which is also called the alimentary canal of the body.

The aloe vera is one of the most important herb well known and widely used for treating diseases relating to stomach and intestines. It can diminish swelling caused due to inflammatory bowel disease. Aloe Vera is also well known for healing of ulcers. It assists in cleansing unnecessary waste from the gut. Aloe is also used as a purgative around the world. A number of scientists and pharma companies use this plant as an ingredient for medicines to cure and regulate bowel habits and menstrual function in women.

Aloe is a good news for any person requiring a colon cleanse. It helps give relief from stomach pain which may stem from any intestinal problems. So much so that Aloe Vera can transform your life by rejuvenation of your intestines.
Aloe Vera juice which is extracted from the leaves of the plant is very helpful in colon cleanse. The extracts of the sap of the plant helps improve the absorption ability of the intestinal walls. The juice also aids in cleaning of the walls of the intestine of all sludge and stool efficiently.

Aloe vera is very effective in curing diarrhea and constipation. The plant works very gently on the body and has no side effects and harmful effects that medicines, chemicals and drug cleansers have on the body.

This plant helps restore and enhance body balance through cleaning and draining away the body toxins and the sludge. The plant helps balance body hormones and also increases metabolism rate. As a result, you feel well and have more energy to work. The plant even works magic on healing any cancerous growth.

Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is a plant with a short stem and thick leaves. It has a cactus like appearance. It is a very popular plant now a days as it gives a soothing mucilaginous juice. As the plant matures, its leaves develop spiny margins. The leaves contain water reserve for the plant which can be used in dry spells. This plant originated in the Mediterranean region but is now grown in tropics and also as houseplants. The sap of this plant is used as an Aloe Vera drink which has great medicinal effects.

AloeVera finds wide usage in many pharmaceutical products. The Aloe Vera belongs to the lily family with close similarity to the cactus. There are about 200 known variants of the plant known. Most of these variants have multiple benefits and are nutritious and effective. The plant has been used for beauty, health, skin care and medicinal properties since time immemorial. Aloe Vera is also known as the plant of immortality, the wand of heaven and the universal panacea due to its multiple benefits. Now a days a lot of products are derived by processing of the plant like creams, lotions, juices mini lift mask etc.

Aloe Vera Juice benefits for skin, hair, face:

  • It is used as a food preservative.
  • Aloe vera is used for manufacturing of various hand and body creams and lotions, gel, liquid, spray and capsule.
  • It is found to be highly successful for treatment of conditions like acne, burns, stings, sprains, sunburns, eczema, sore muscles, arthritis, scrapes, cold sores, scalds, abrasions, psoriasis, bruises etc.
  • It is also used for scalp and hair care.
  • Aloe Vera helps relieve itching and aids healing of blisters.
  • It is very useful for curing skin disorders.
  • The Aloe Vera juice is effective in treatment of ulcers, heartburn and many digestive disorders.
  • The juice of aloe vera is an effective anti-inflammatory tool. It also aids in reduction of stomach juices.
  • It is effective in lightening the dark spots on the face and also helps reduce pigmentation of the face.
  • It has great moisturizing properties. It also helps in removing dead cells.
  • When consumed regularly in adequate quantity, helps in absorption of useful substances by the body.
  • Helps delay and prevent aging by stimulating the manufacture of elastin and collagen in the body.
  • Juice and Gels help reduce joint and muscle pains caused due to arthritis.
  • The gel of aloe vera helps keep the heart in good functioning order and helps reduce triglycerides, total cholesterol and blood fat lipid levels.
  • The aloe vera extracts helps keep blood sugar levels in control.
  • Aloe-Vera drink is also considered to be a good tonic by many patients.
  • It is known for its anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Very helpful in reducing obesity by helping in break down of the fat globules.