Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning sickness is a very common condition among women during pregnancy. Anxiety, queasiness, pain, vomiting and nausea are the symptoms of morning sickness. Approximately 70-80% pregnant women go through the discomfort of morning sickness. It is bound to happen during pregnancy that you have to experience the above mentioned symptoms. A life is taking birth in your womb. It is not an easy period of time. Many hormonal changes take place during early months of pregnancy. Low blood pressure, low level of blood sugar, deficiency of vitamin B6, emotional imbalance, excitement, fear, intake of junk and spicy food are some of the causes of morning sickness.

Morning sickness is not a disease in itself. It is an age-old belief that if a pregnant woman does not experience morning sickness, something wrong like a miscarriage or an abnormal delivery can occur. There is no need to rush to a doctor if you face this problem in the beginning of pregnancy. But if you experience serious morning sickness and vomiting after every meal, you should consult your gynecologist. Morning sickness may begin to cause problem for you during the first three months of pregnancy and in the 8th month of pregnancy.

Try to keep your blood sugar and blood pressure normal by eating protein and carbohydrate rich snacks at early morning time. Rusk or good quality biscuits are a good choice and they should be kept on the drawer of your bed (i.e. nearby only). Avoid taking tea and prefer drinking milk with sweetened apple or amla (murrabba). Add iron and vitamin B6 rich food items in your diet.

No doubt your gynecologist prescribes you a lot of medicines for covering the deficiency of iron, calcium, proteins etc. Avoid too much dependence on medicines if you want to deliver a healthy baby. Take fresh seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables. Drink three to four glasses of milk every day. If you don’t like milk or have allergy from milk, prefer drinking fresh juice of fruits and vegetables.

Orange juice is the best juice for curing morning sickness. You can also add some salt and pepper in it to control your blood pressure. Mostly pregnant women prefer lemon drinks when they suffer from nausea or queasiness because they do not want to take the pain of making fresh orange juice. Avoid this tendency Guava and spinach are a rich source of iron. You can also add carrot, pomegranate and honey in their juice.

Spinach is difficult to digest and can upset your digestive system so prefer guava with milk in the morning. If guava is not in season, you can drink packed guava juice from a trusted company. Raw grapes are also good in this regard. If you like tea, prefer ginger tea or raspberry tea in the morning.

Walking is very helpful in this case. You must walk for 10-15 minutes after your night meal. If you can afford or have stamina, you can also walk in the morning. Early morning walk is very good for the health of your baby also.  Pregnancy period is an excruciating as well as an enjoyable period of life. So take full care of yourself as well as of your baby and enjoy life.