Natural Remedies For Sun Blister

Heat, sunburn and skin ailments causes bubbles on the skin surface. These bubbles are very painful. It should be left alone and new skin will be formed under it and absorb the fluid to let the outer skin to fall away. Some herbal natural remedies are very effective to remove this problem.

Lavendar Oil: It is one of most effective remedies for sunburn blisters. It helps to heal damaged tissues. Apply it gently on the blisters.

Coconut Oil: Virgin coconut oil is very effective remedy for sunburn blisters. It heals blisters quickly and keep the skin moistened.

Echinacea: It is one of the best remedies to heal this ailment. Prepare a tincture by adding three tablespoons of chopped roots in a one cup of ethyl alcohol to apply on the affected area to get relief. It contains polysaccharides which help to speed healing. Its ointments, extracts and capsules are also available for use.

Aloe Vera: It is very useful to use gel of aloe leaf to heal skin problems. It can protect and coat the blister. It is antibacterial also to promote healing. It may be used twice in a day to cure this disease.

Pipsissewa: It is wildflowers which contain glycosides resins, antiseptic methyl and astringent tannins to help cure the problem. It is widely available in capsules form, tablets, a decoction of dried leaves and extract canĀ  also be used twice in a day.

Black Walnut: This herb is quite useful to treat cold sores and fever blister. It is also antiseptic and high in natural iodine to be used externally to treat this problem. Its extract can be painted on the cold sores several times in a day to cure this problem. Dried black walnut may be taken internally to heal this problem completely.

Tea Tree oil: This oil is very effective to heal this ailment. Apply it on the affected area several times in a day. Its antiseptic properties help to heal it faster.

Arnica: It is available in oil and capsules form to use both internally as well as externally to get good results. Rub this oil on the blister gently to get relief. Its capsules can be taken twice daily to cure the problem. It gives a soothing effect to the skinĀ  but is should not be used on broken skin such as leg ulcers.

Chamomile: It is very useful to treat this ailment. This herb is anti-inflammation to soothe skin and pain. Chamomile oil is analgesic, and have antibacterial and antiseptic qualities which are helpful in healing the blister.

Castor Oil: Castor oil is an effective natural remedy for curing blisters. Apply it over blisters and leave them for sometime, then wash it with warm water.