What Is Herbal Medicine ?

Herbs have been playing a very important role in the field of medical science since the ancient times and they have become doubly relevant in today’s day-to-day life. Importance of herbs is mentioned in the Indian Vedas too. The question arises that how herbs can help us in curing ailments. After all, what is herbal, herbal medicine and herbal cure?

Herbs are the natural resources found in the shape of plant life around us. These plants are the base of pharmaceutical medical science. The biological functions of these plants help us to prevent and heal many diseases. These herbs are also used to enhance beauty. Many cosmetic products are available in market that are based on herbs. Alovera is used in almost every beauty product. With the use of heena leaves you can increase hair beauty without the help of experts and that too at a very low cost. These leaves also prevent sunburns and give cool effect.

Herbs are the gift of nature to human life, animal life and environment as a whole. Lichen plants are the indicators of pure and clean environment. They also help prevent soil erosion and give relief to people from the warm rays of sun in summers and in storm. These plants with their fragrance not only add taste and flavor in our food but also help us in leading a healthy life.

Ginger, Ajwain, turmeric etc. help us to fight stomach related problems like acidity and diarrhea. Turmeric is also used to get good looks. It is also used to heal minor injuries and cuts. Many people use Ajwain to get relief from itchy throat. Garlic is the natural therapy to cure hypertension.  Garlic should be used in cooking on a regular basis as it reduces the probability of cancer by increasing certain important biochemicals in our body.

These herbs are also the best antibiotics. If you are suffering from headache the inner bark of Willow tree can help you get relief. No doubt these herbs are not available in the shape of tablets and are sometimes not good in taste, but the use of herbs is safe because of no side effects. In china Ginkgo Biloba tree is used by physicians to prevent ear illnesses, memory impairments, depression, and the problems related with neurology.

Many herbs like Ginseng help in smooth blood circulation, which prevents many heart diseases. It also helps to increase beauty by giving you young looks. These herbs also improve our emotional and physical activities by reducing cholesterol level. Research has unveiled the fact that Ginseng also helps in preventing the symptoms of cancer.

Herbal cure can do magic without involving huge amounts of money. People have come to realize the fact that it is good to opt for herb cure and say no to medicines in the case of minor problems. However, you should certainly consult a doctor if you don’t get relief by using herbs in the rarest of rare cases.