White Willow Herb Benefits

White Willow (Hyssopus Officinalis) is also known as Weeping Willow, Salicin Willow and Salix Alba in Latin. It is the inhabitant tree of central and southern Europe. White willow is also found in some parts of western and central Asia. White willow is also known as ‘tall tree’ due to it 75 feet average length. The leaves of this tree are covered with silky white hair and from these hair willow is derived. The medical scientists and herbalists have used white willow since the ancient times to treat their patients from aches and pains, fever, arthritis, low back pain, migraine, tension, headache, menstrual cramps and other disorders caused by inflammation.

The ancient herbalists of Greece, Egypt, China and America used white willow to cure headaches, fever, sore muscles, rheumatism and chills. In 1828 European scientists discovered Salicin in white willow bark and in 1829 scientists used the refined and purified form of salicin to treat patients of pains and fever. The first aspirin was made by the salicin compound of white willow bark but the extraction of salicin from its bark was very expensive and a time consuming activity. So, the German scientists created synthetic salicylic acid in 1852, which is now used by medical scientists to make Aspirin.

Though aspirin made by salicin of white willow is very effective for giving relief from pains, but it is suggested that if you want quick relief from chronic pains, direct use of white willow is the best recourse. You can consume white willow bark in the form of a relaxing tea. For this you should add one teaspoon of white willow bark powder in a cup of hot water. Intake of white willow bark tea three times a day can do magic. You can also add honey instead of sugar for taste.

White willow bark is also effective for preventing heart attacks. It thins the blood and prevents clotting of blood that can cause heart problems. White willow is also available in capsules too. It is an easy and quick way of consuming white willow and saying bye-bye to chronic pains. It is also useful in preventing the danger of deadly disease, Cancer. Herbalists also suggest drinking white willow bark tea to diabetic persons. It reduces the level of sugar and helps in controlling sugar level in the body. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, white willow bark is useful in improving the health of liver. It is also beneficial for treating stomach related problems. It is also useful for getting rid of gastric problems.

Though white willow bark is very useful, one thing is very important to note. White willow should only be consumed by adults. Avoid giving white willow to children. However, if it is administered to children once in a while, it does not cause any harmful effects on their tender body.